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Thing-to-Thing Research Group

The Thing-to-Thing Research Group (T2TRG) is an IRTF research group investigating open research issues in turning a true “Internet of Things” into reality, an Internet where low-resource nodes (“things”, “constrained nodes”) can communicate among themselves and with the wider Internet, in order to partake in permissionless innovation. T2TRG focuses on issues that touch opportunities for standardization in the IETF: starting at the adaptation layer connecting devices to IP, all the way through to the application layer with architectures and APIs for communicating and making data and management functions (including security functions) available.

More information about the group is available at the IRTF home page.

Join the mailing list and the upcoming meetings to participate.

T2TRG employs an open membership policy towards all interested researchers and engineers to participate in the work: joining the mailing list is really all you need to do to become a T2TRG member. (We have a policy for sending Call for Papers and similar announcements to the mailing list.)

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